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What is the reason for fall Tree Maintenance is important to protect Tree in the long run

Apr 28


In the midst of all the tasks to be done in your fall list You must always ensure that you have time for fall tree maintenance. Trees are valuable resources need to be protected. They provide shade in the summer and help clean the air. Trees can be a long-lasting investment that can last for generations. They also have the potential to enhance the value of your property. They can provide a space to reside for various species of squirrels and birds.

In Kentucky trees in our yards are not secured by trees like they do in the forests. This makes them more vulnerable to pests, diseases, and poor soil quality. That's where we can help. The experts at tree removal georgetown KY have put together the following tips to assist you in the fall tree maintenance chores.flower beds with mulch


Find a New Mulch

It's always an ideal idea to replenish your mulch in the autumn to provide roots with an extra layer of protection against extreme temperatures. Mulch is a great way to keep soil moisture levels in check during winter months. At least 2 inches of mulch are required for protection of your tree's roots.


Feed Your Trees

The fall season is when trees are focused on their new roots. They also begin to store nutrients and water to help them through winter. These food stores are vital for trees to flourish into spring. The trees are capable of storing fertilizer for the next season when you apply it now. The most efficient method to deliver fertilizer into the tree's roots quickly so they can use it effectively is to use deep root fertilization. This method is a way to deliver fertilizer directly into the roots of your trees using high pressure. The deep root fertilization process can boost the protection of your trees, making them more resistant to pests, drought, and disease.


Wrap Your Trees in Wraps

During the spring and fall in Kentucky, our temperatures can change dramatically. Those huge swings can affect our trees as well. Sunscald is a condition that results in cracking of bark caused by abrupt freezing, thawing and melting. This can leave your trees with ugly permanent scars and an invitation for pests.


Dormant Oil

They are great for attracting birds, but they can also attract pests which can cause major damage to trees. Insects such as the tent caterpillar, gypsy moths scales, mites Aphids, as well as the newest part of the gang The reported spotted lanternfly. Dormant oil is sprayed on trees in autumn to defend them from insects. Dormant oil is a compound that is sprayed over trees. It coats eggs or insect that is found there. The oil can smother eggs and kill adults, so your trees can bloom in spring without the risk of being eaten.

Fallwatering Young Trees - Plant New Trees

Lower temperatures of fall are ideal for planting new trees. It is also the time of year that trees become dormant and are less prone to shocks from transplanting. This gives trees the chance to develop new roots and develop before winter. They'll have a better chances of success in spring. Tree service Georgetown KY can be the best choice.


Cut Vines Choking Your Trees

Kentucky's vines grow quickly and can cover entire trees within just a few years. Kudzu can grow as much as two inches per day under the right conditions, which makes it an unwelcome species. The purpose of vines is reaching as high as possible and receive as much sunlight as they can. They achieve this by climbing up trees and blocking out all sunlight, eventually suffocating the tree. Branch weighted by vines may be damaged and break the tree leaving it open for pests and disease. It is essential to cut your vines at the end of each year to ensure they don't become out of control. It's easier to cut the vines during the fall when the leaves have gone. Additionally, it's easier to be able to see the vines clearly. It is not difficult to take down the vine. Just search the root of the tree to find the vine. The vine should be cut as close as possible to the soil. This will eliminate the plant from the tree. In the spring or summer following the vines will be enough dried out that they can be pulled out with your hands. It is recommended to wear protective clothing for those who work with poison Ivy.


Find the best lawn care

Tree cutting service georgetown KY has been servicing the community for more than 45 years by providing top-quality lawn care services. Our customers come back year after year because they trust us. Our tree and shrub care program was designed to keep your trees in good health and pest-free from spring through winter. With Lawn Worx you get friendly professionals that are also part of the community that takes the time to get to know and understand your yard prior to creating an effective treatment plan.

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