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Important Tips to Maintain Trees and Protect Property from Damage

May 27


Trees are a vital part of any landscaping. Trees add value to an area's landscaping by adding its appearance as well as keeping it cool in summer, improving air quality, providing shade, making it more energy efficient as well as increasing the value of the property. If they are neglected or not cared for properly, trees can cause destruction to the property and can pose a significant safety risk for the family and home particularly during storms. Tree maintenance is an important aspect of maintaining your home.

Safety concerns

According to the National Storm Damage Center (NSDC) the fall of trees causes more than a billion dollars of property damage each year. Tree root intrusions can result in serious damage to your electrical and plumbing lines. It is recommended to take a proactive approach to tree care. Properly trimmed and maintained trees will be less likely to slide and cause damage during a storm. Georgetown Tree Service keep trees clean and well-maintained to prevent property damage.



For trees to stay strong and healthy, they have to be properly cut and pruned. Trees that are overgrown can be ugly and attract insects. They can also block the view of other plants and cause damage to nearby structures. A small tree trimming company near me can regularly trim dead, damaged branches, or dead ones. This can help avoid potentially dangerous situations that could arise when severe weather occurs. The most well-known tree pruning methods include crown thinning and crown reduction, as well as crown cleaning and pollarding. Regular pruning improves the health of trees and attractive. It also increases the growth rate of big trees, and allows for adequate sunlight to shine through, and minimizes the chances of a tree falling.


Always check trees for signs of disease and damages

Examining all trees that are on the property for signs of decay and damages is critical for identifying issues and timely action. The trees that are sick tend to fall over in the event of a storm and destroy the property. It is important to look for indications of hollowness decay, limbs that are touching power lines, growth of mushrooms soil contamination, low hanging branches that touch roofs, cracks in trees and branches that cross. You must contact a tree expert near me in your area to assess the situation and decide the need to get it removed.


Remove dead and weak trees.

It is recommended to remove trees that are sick, weak or dying to be removed from the property. Also, consider removing trees that are located too close to the structure. Eliminating dangerous trees reduces their chance of falling in the event of a storm and causing damages and injuries. Tree removal services are able to effectively and safely remove decaying trees. Tree stumps can invite pest infestations and pose a danger to your health. Tree service georgetown will also remove trees that pose dangers.


Keep your trees healthy and your property secure

Regular tree maintenance can save homeowners from a myriad of problems and costly repairs in the future. Tree care is a great method to ensure your property is safe. An experienced tree service firm will take care of every aspect of maintenance and tree care to ensure that the trees do not risk the safety of the property. They ensure that trees are healthy all year round and don't cause damage to vehicles, power lines or roofs.



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